"We bought a 4 horse heavy duty from you in 2006 or 2007.  We love it!"

Carrie Savoy, January 2019

"I bought a 4 horse walker last year from this company.  We love our walker, horses look great.  Thank you."

Dusty Morse, September 2018

" I have had my Supreme Horse Walker for seventeen years now.  We use it all the time and it is still running like a well oiled machine! "

Stephanie Mydlo, September 2018

"In 1978 or 1979 I purchased a used supreme 4 horse walker.  I have used it regularly ever since and have never had a single problem with it..."

Brenda Powell, March 2018

"We have had a 4-Horse for many, many years.  Love using it!  We used it a lot for foals that are already gentled and leading well:  a great way to teach patience!"

Rosalie Carlson, August 2016

"For years, we had a Supreme lead walker and thought it was the only way to go.  A couple of years ago, we chose to sell it and try a Freeflow.  We LOVE it!  Now, we wonder why we didn't do it sooner.  Thank you for a great machine."

Anonymous customer, July 2016 

"I love it, use it, and appreciate it every day."  "Even my husband says he wishes we had installed it years ago.  Your family run a tight ship.  Great product, fast production time, and even service after the sale.  Thanks again."

Kelly Buckner, Canton, GA, Jan 2015 (Purchased Freeflow Mar 2014)

"I have been using my Supreme Horse Walker for 13 years and its still going strong.  One well made product!  Love mine, couldn't get along without it!!" 

Stephanie Mydlo, Facebook Review, Sept 2014

"Bought a walker from Buddy (Supreme Horse Walker) in 1970.  To this day I still use it to exercise my mules.  Been a good walker.  Only repair I ever did to it was rewound the motor one time." 

Jerry Reece, Winfield, AL, Aug 2013 

"Cooksey Racing Stables from Mississippi uses a Supreme Horse Walker, had this one for about 8 years, still like new!!  Your hot walker is great, saves us a lot of time cooling down after galloping." 

Terry Cooksey, Aug 2013 

"My Supreme Horse Walker is the most reliable, hardest working assistant I have ever had."
Joe Cameron, Cutting Horse Trainer, AL

"Just to let you know, we sold our farm ad tried to take the Supreme 6-Horse Walker with us, but the new owners would not hear of it.  We used it 7 days a week, every day it didn't rain.  All we ever did was throw the switch "ON".  It was wonderful.  We'll be buying another soon."

Sincerely, Ted & Carolyn McKeown 

"I have a 1450 lb gelding that I placed on my Supreme Walker.  I went into the barn for a minute.  I heard a loud noise and looked out to see my gelding running across the pasture.  He had, apparently, pulled back hard enough to break the metal connections on his double-ply nylon halter, as it was still hanging on the end of the walker arm.  A close inspection revealed no damage to the walker. 

I had a similar situation with a stallion and my last walker.  That walker was left lying on it's side with a bent arm and broken connector.  I am very happy with my Supreme Walker."

"In 2008, we went to the Cross Country Trail Ride in Eminence, Missouri, for a week of riding and fellowship.  My mule, Sadie, was 16 and had been ridden regularly.  After some time on the very challenging trails, Sadie was feeling worn out and breathing hard.  We cut back on her activities for the rest of the trip.  We now have a Supreme Walker and we use it several times a week for 30 minutes to keep our mules in condition.  This October we returned to Eminence, Missouri.  It was great to see Sadie take on the same challenging trails without hesitation or labored breathing.  Thanks to the Supreme Walker for increasing Sadie's strength and aerobic fitness.  We look forward to having her on the trail for a long time."

Marena Riggin, Abilene, KS 

"We started working the miniature horses this weekend and they caught on really fast and well.  They were sweating after only ten minutes."  "I am so excited to be able to work the minis and look forward to their continued improvement in the show ring."  "We look forward to many hours of use from the (Supreme) Horse Walker."

Beth Booker, Hurricane Acres, Canton, MS

"I bought a Horse Walker from (Buddy Smith) years ago when I was showing AQHA pleasure horses, must have been about 1977 or so."  "My (Supreme Walker) lasted for 30 years, I finally got to where I didn't use it much & traded it away."

Ed Hood, 3H Stables, Huntsville, AL

"I have had my Supreme Walker for 30 years and it is still running good.  All it needs is a paint job."

Customer at Show

"I bought one of the first walkers Buddy Smith built.  It is still running.  Can't tear it up."

Customer at Show

"Can't wait to get my Walker set up that I brought home this weekend and the stock also.  They are both well made.  We have the conduit and electricity ready, now if weather will cooperate we can pour concrete!  Thanks again for helping to load them and making sure they were secure for transport, they didn't move one bit on the trailer."  Carolyn Millin Hofmann

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